For us, it’s not so much about the business idea itself. It’s not about how revolutionary the business is. It’s not about the fancy factor inherent in a few industries like healthcare tech.

As venture capitalists, we do look at all those factors. What’s more important to us is how the entrepreneur (that’s you) is. It’s about the zeal, drive, ambition, sustenance, self-worth, and the true spirit of entrepreneurship.


We are looking for hustlers, people who execute ideas.


We are looking to partner with entrepreneurs who are looking to disrupt healthcare delivery in India through technology enabled innovative business solutions. Our wish list includes healthtech investments with a focus on devices, online marketplace models, EMR, tele-medicine, mobile health and predictive analytics.


We can provide tangible support to investee companies in healthcare ecosystem in terms of providing partner hospital centres, access to practitioners and patients.


Also, by understanding the consumer behavior in healthcare, we are looking towards sharing domain knowledge and network in healthcare.


We are also open for co-investments with other leading funds interested in this space.

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At Currae Healthtech Fund, we are looking for champions.

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